Telepathy: Communication with the Higher Self of Another

I chuckle whenever someone asks me, "Do you believe in ESP?" — (as if it's a religion!)

You can experience telepathic communication with the Higher Self of anyone. We actually tap into this extra-sensory method of communication with each other all the time, but most often — unknowingly. The trick is to learn to do this with a specific, focused intent to 'entrain' ourselves (and others) onto on a higher frequency of resolution and illumination.

We've neither been taught to trust this kind of sensing that extends beyond the five physical senses, nor has this kind of exploration played a part in mainstream, scientific investigation. However, one of my heroes is Rupert Sheldrake Ph.D, is a Cambridge scholar who has done extensive research in telepathy.

Dr. Sheldrake coined the term "morphic resonance," a way of describing a certain information gathering/sharing mechanism contained in the morphogenetic field surrounding all living things. His studies demonstrate that this information can be tapped into — lending to credible evidence that telepathy exists as a vehicle for this information sharing process. His studies involve telepathy among animals, mothers and babies, and human telephone/email telepathy.

I'm finding that telepathic Communication with the Higher Self — information transmitted and received through (what I call) Streaming Consciousness — can have very positive results for those seeking resolution with friends, children, relatives or colleagues. It's also a highly effective way of communicating with those who are challenged with the effects of Autism, coma, stroke, Alzheimer's, etc.

I invite participants to join me in experiencing this innate telepathic ability for the purpose of communicating with the Higher Self of another. But first, I'll be guiding you through some important preliminaries.