Telepathy: Communication with All Living Things

Thought travels through Streaming Consciousness, perhaps in the way information is shared over the Internet. However, this information-sharing mechanism is built into all living things, and transcends our time-space continuum — and 'death.' As you become more trusting and receptive to it's existence, and familiar with how it operates, you'll see that telepathy is far from being— 'a phenomenon!'

Pets transmit to me all the time in consultations, projecting symbols and images I interpret for their owners, my clients. While I can only interpret their projections in human terms, their messages come through — loud and clear! For example, more than one cat has transmitted, "Would you please tell her (my client) to stop rattling the plastic bags in the pantry? It drives me crazy!"

I once 'telepathized' with a squirrel, coaxing it to come down a tree and all the way up to the window from where I peered in from the other side. I was seated in the dentist's chair, waiting for my turn with the hygienist.

All prepped and feeling quite bored, I looked out the examination room window into a center atrium where I saw a tall tree, surrounded by colorful plants and lots of green foliage. Scurrying back and forth along the two thickest branches of the tree, I spotted a squirrel the size of a large cat. I decided to engage him into a little game of telepathy.

First — I shifted to my Higher Self by opening my heart (taking me out of my linear mind), and then synced with Streaming Consciousness, that frequency of pure thought that flows in, around and through all living things. As I've mentioned, it operates very much like the Internet. Finally, I set forth my intention to access it — wirelessly! — and I was there.

By opening my heart, I'd opened up the timeless conduit — the heart — that prompted me to conjure up feelings of love and appreciation for (most) of nature's creatures, and projected those sentiments to the squirrel. Finally, I mentally transmitted a scene of the squirrel coming up to the window.

I continued to do this while watching the squirrel as it scurried over onto the one branch, then over to the other, then down the tree, and a little bit closer to the window. Again — up onto one branch, over to the other...then closer and closer to the window.

Finally, the squirrel came all the way up to the window and perched on the little window ledge. It stared right at me for a few long moments until the hygienist finally arrive. It didn't seem like an appropriate time (nor did I have the inclination) to relate to her what had just occurred.

Animals see your thoughts as pictures. Try sending your pet a scene of what you'd prefer that it to be doing, such as sleeping on it's special bed (rather than on the couch), eating in it's own dish (rather than from the cat's), etc.

There have been instances where nature unexpectedly communicated very clearly through me, to my clients. You'll love reading the story of Tina the Tree Lady and The Flower Story.

I often refer to the The N'Kisi Project!, a study done by Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D that explored telepathy occurring between an African Gray Parrot and his (her?) owner, Aimee Morgana. It's fascinating!