Treasure Hunt: Expanded version of 'The Doors'

In this exercise, you'll be guided through a series of junctures that (surprisingly!) represent aspects of your own life. This is an extension of 'the doors,' the third exercise in the IAS series.

My niece devised this version for me years ago, after I'd received unmistakable guidance that it was time for me to move to New York City. We were accustomed to gathering intuitive information by 'doing the doors' together, so she modified that technique into what I now refer to as the 'treasure hunt.' You'll read about our adventure in detail when you join the IAS Series.

I mentioned in my description of 'the doors' (exercise #3) how it is that we often unknowingly 'channel' for others. On this treasure hunt, you'll pair up with another participant and position each other to channel information that you'll gather and report as you explore along a predetermined path. You'll have fun bringing in information that you couldn't have known — that flows right through you!