Knock at the Door: Communication with souls in the 'non-physical' dimension

This exercise will give you the opportunity to experience for yourself the truth about streaming consciousness. It operates like the Internet, connecting all living things over unlimited bandwidth. It also extends beyond time and 'death.'

Once properly invited, loved ones in the non-physical arrive at the 'door' to join in, demonstrating this seamless, never-ending continuum of consciousness. It's what some call 'eternal life.'

Many of you have heard me relate my favorite example of this continuum. It's a message that was transmitted from a client's (non-physical) wife in his consultation in England years ago. Being that he's a meditator, he's able to quiet the doubting mind and trust the ongoing communication that he experiences with his wife since her passing. My client also lives a very grounded, balanced life as a successful entrepreneur. This is crucial, the need to 'be here now,' while at the same time experiencing this 'other-worldly' type of communication.

It's tricky, the importance of allowing oneself to go through the grieving process and fully mourn the physical absence of a loved one while trusting this ability to maintain contact. When we deny deep feelings of loss, we also jeopardize our potential to feel greater joy in life. We're here in this physical dimension to experience everything fully!

So my client wasn't surprised when I confirmed the presence of his wife in his consultation. As with many loved ones who present themselves, I got the feeling that they hardly needed my confirmation of their ongoing communication. Nevertheless, here's what she transmitted to her husband (that I interpreted): "Sweetheart, about that conversation we were having before we were so rudely interrupted by my death!"

Another wonderful example of the continuum of consciousness came from an apprentice who'd lost her husband a year before she was invited into the IAP. She said that the two of them were definitely on the same frequency when they first met, that they'd experienced great happiness in their marriage, and even now remain connected through the conduit of love that continues on. Even since his passing a few years ago, they're still on the same frequency!

She told me in one of her weekly sessions that she'd felt the presence of her (non-physical) husband that weekend. She said, "I have to tell you, that it felt as though he was tasking my ice cream through me!"

This would freak some people out, but I understood completely. I use the analogy of 'DSL,' one of the earlier ways that many of us used to access the Internet. The connection sort of 'piggybacked' on one's phone line. It was as if my apprentice's (non-physical) husband was piggybacking her on her frequency that day, experiencing certain sensations through her. (She was already quite savvy about throwing the Light around her and reaffirming — "By invitation only, and only those who come in the Light and the sight of the Source!" — so as not to open herself to any unwanted interference!) The two of them are still in sync because of their lasting, eternal conduit of love.

I look forward to showing you how life (consciousness) never ends, nor does the existence of those whom you've loved.