What are the different ways that we receive intuitive information?

Clairvoyance = clear seeing

Clairaudience = clear hearing

Clairsentience = clear feeling/touching

Claircognizance = clear knowing.

You will start to identify your very own, unique way of sensing. You'll also develop your personal "de-coding" system for translating multi-dimensional symbols and images.

Here are some terms that Louise's often use in her work:

Streaming Consciousness: A term Louise uses to make the analogy that non-local consciousness that exists outside this three-dimensional time-space reality — beyond time and death — works very much like the Internet. It streams through the ethers and enables communication between all living things. It allows you to "log in" (get in sync), upload (access infinite information sources), download (pull it into this linear dimension) and finally, to de-code and translate multi-dimensional symbols and images into useful information.

Higher Self: A level of consciousness that exists on a higher frequency as part of timeless, "cosmic" consciousness. Its vibration is one of greater wisdom, unconditional love and expansiveness than the one on which our ego-motivated, space-time oriented, physical persona operates. Some might call it our "God self, " or "God within us." Louise teaches ways to communicate on this higher level — HS to HS — to facilitate resolution and as a way of "entraining" others into a higher frequency.

Trickle-down Higher Consciousness: Louise's expression for the effect of receiving guidance, insights or information through the higher frequency of one's Higher Self, whether accessed from Source energy or the Higher Self of another. One might observe another, suddenly conveying a gem of uncharacteristic wisdom or illuminating insight. It can be heard as a faint whisper or seemingly dismissive comment. (The person is often "unconscious" of having actually done so!)

Life Spaces: Louise's particular reference to what others refer to as “past lives.” Beyond the illusion of linear time, we co-exist simultaneously in other "spaces." From the limited view of third-dimensional time-space reality, one lifetime is understood to occur before of after another. In actuality, the soul embodies consciousness that transcends “before” and “after” — and is neither "here," nor "there." Soul energy is non-local and omnipresent, and exists in greater and lesser particle density in multi-spaces.)

Past-life Overlays: This is how Louise describes scenes from other life spaces that appear as if coalescing (or interfacing) with something occurring simultaneously in the client’s present. It can be event, personality characteristic, talent or unresolved challenge that she views as sort of floating in and hovering over the client’s present life space, looking somewhat like a double exposure.

A Bleedthrough Effect: This occurs when Louise observes an overlay around a client that reveals certain traits, talents, characteristics, or unfinished business that are existing in another life space. It appears as if those elements are interfacing in very specific ways with the client's present life space.

Viewing bleedthroughs in consultations reminds Louise of the effect achieved when working with different layers of images on the computer in Photoshop. It's as if selecting the option “bring back to front” pulls an identifiable aspect of the client's timeless energy forward from another life space.

For example, an overlay might appear to Louise in a consultation that reveals the experience of existing in a primitive Native American culture, one that is (or on the verge of) bleeding through into her client's present reality. She's able to identify this, and the possible influence in the client's life. The client may have noticed him/herself becoming increasingly more attentive to nature, feeling in greater alignment with its miracles, or perhaps regaining a renewed and deep respect for Great Spirit.

Checking in with Headquarters: Louise's personal reference to meditating.

Dropping the Body: Louise's personal (and intentionally irreverent) term for the process of a soul making it's transition from the physical to the "non-physical" dimension. The expression is intended to emphasize the eternal nature of the soul and that of timeless, expansive consciousness, and that "death" — is an illusion.

The Other Side: A popular term often used to refer to "where" loved ones go after making their transition from the physical. Louise prefers to call it the "non-physical" dimension as a way of emphasizing that it's not a place where the soul resides when a loved one "drops the body" — but rather a state of continuing consciousness...a continuum of consciousness.