Scanning: Merging with Streaming Consciousness

Some folks cannot comprehend how it's possible for one to "tune-in" to another remotely, ie, from a distance. It's simply a matter of dialing into the right frequency on a radio band, or hopping onto the Internet and accessing Streaming Consciousness – wirelessly!

Once I've taken apprentices through a proper orientation, we begin their weekly phone sessions by having them do a "scan" of my timeless consciousness. At the start, some jump right in, thinking that they'll humor me. (I catch their thoughts: "Yeah...right. Oh well, what the heck, here goes...") They proceed to give off their spontaneous impressions, all the while feeling (predictably) quite foolish. When we move on to the interpretation and feedback phase, they're often incredulous at the significance and accuracy of the words they've pulled through.

Other apprentices hesitate when they first start the scan. One slight moment of hesitation is all it takes for skepticism, doubt —and sometimes fear — to flood in and block their reception, scramble their airwaves. I can feel their antennae come down; they've lost the signal.

Sometimes I can trace fears or a blockage to a certain period in their past. When I felt one apprentice freeze up at the start of her scan, I intuited beyond time and zoomed in on her as a little girl in the fourth grade. She was sitting in the front row in her classroom, just about to be called on by her strict teacher.

Apparently, the moment I'd asked the apprentice to start the scan, her little girl-self suddenly felt terrified, afraid that she would give the wrong answer and get yelled at. I proceeded in the way that I do with clients in consultations when I come upon a stumbling block.

I had a chat with my apprentice's child-self to help quell her fears and doubts. I did feel a shift in her energy. She was now fully present, feeling courageous and emboldened, ready to take a risk and put up her antenna. All systems "go!" She brought through amazing information.

Fears can be inhibiting in all aspects of our lives, particularly when working with intuition. I once met with a gal who was nearly immobilized by fears about her gifts, having been "spooked" by religious teachings in her childhood. She intimated that her priest used to punish her for seeing spirits. He would order her to come sit in front of the class beside a potbelly stove. He wanted to show her what Hell was going to feel like, should she continue to "see things." When she finished her story, she told me that it was the first time in her life that she'd ever felt safe discussing her "gifts."

I was not raised with fear-based beliefs, nor have I ever doubted the illuminating effects of living in concordance with my intimate connection to an omnipresent (always there), omnipotent (all-powerful), omniscient (all-knowing) Higher Power. I know that I'm never far from that immense energy; it's forever a part of me.

This physical dimension is by nature, one of "duality." We come to know one thing by experiencing the contrast of another. We learn from the dual nature of things, for example: light vs. dark, right vs. wrong, etc. Without first-hand knowledge of the negative effects of lower, "darker" vibrations (deception, deceit, dishonesty, insincerity, falseness), we'd be less likely to seek the illumination of higher ones (honesty, truthfulness, authenticity, integrity).

Enlightenment = "In-light-moments." Positive thoughts are lighter, higher ones that raise our vibration. There's no interference on the higher frequencies. Negativity pulls us down and takes us out of alignment with the Source, and into darker places fueled by fear.

I'm always reminding my clients to "occupy your true (illuminated) space in the Universe!" It's a very specific, energetic posturing, a powerful one that expands you. By contrast, living with ambivalence, self-doubt and fear contracts you and diminishes your energy.

When you're living a life of courage, seeking greater truths, learning to live more moments of each day in the present moment, and in daily communion with (and surrendering to) a Higher Power — there's simply is no room for unwanted influences or funny business.

You'll have fun with the scanning exercise. See for yourself how it feels to dial into streaming consciousness. Everything we experience goes into that stream, as if uploaded onto an etheric YouTube!