Fish Hook Technique — Preparation

Come to this session with a target task in mind, something that you'd like to have accomplished by the class meeting that follows this one. Write down your accomplishment in the past tense, as if it's a done deal: "My car is all de-cluttered and washed!" or "I've finished reading the book that's been lying on my nightstand for months!" Or you might have a report or some filing to do, or perhaps there's something that you've promised to put in the mail for a friend, or a purchase that you've been meaning to return, etc.) Get the idea?

Don't choose an accomplishment that feels out of reach —("One week from Wednesday, I'll have cleaned my entire garage and found a buyer for my home!"); dreamy or illusionary ("In one week I will have lost 10 pounds and attracted my soul mate!") Choose something practical, a task that's been hanging over you, something that you've been meaning to accomplish to for quite some time.

THEN — prepare to accomplish this...beyond...time! I'll show you how.