Time Travel: 'Fish Hook' Technique

This exercise is a great technique for going beyond linear time in order to de-stress and increase the likelihood of future manifestations. Nothing stresses us more than trying to fit too much into too little time. Technology offers us amazing solutions, lets us connect with others globally, and makes it easy to promise the world to friends and colleagues. Unfortunately, follow-through is a b... — an incredible challenge.

It's physically impossible to show up and complete all that we say we'll do in this time-limited reality, even when offered with the most sincere intentions. Each time we extend ourselves and end up disappointing others, we resolve to set better boundaries and promise less in the future.

Our spirit operates outside of linear time. It is therefore physically challenged. Life seems magically orchestrated when the Spirit is set free to do its thing, flowing us through serendipitous events, synchronized 'coincidences,' and somehow accomplishing everything, though not necessarily 'in time' — but beyond it.

Years ago, I returned to NYC after being on the road for nearly three months. I saw on my schedule that my assistant had overbooked me with phone consultations the next day, my first full day back. I was also scheduled to do a talk for the FIONS group (Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences) that evening at 6pm. They were meeting in an old church on the upper east side. I'd have to get myself uptown during rush hour!

I awakened the next morning at 7am feeling extremely stressed. My mind kicked into gear the instant I opened my eyes and began making a 'to do' list. "No way!" my linear mind concluded. "All of this simply cannot be done in one day!"

Then I remembered how my spirit operates more efficiently outside of time. I needed to set it free. I took a deep breath and cleared my head. Then I mentally did a quick scan, an overview of everything that I needed to accomplish that day, as if putting all the items on a radar screen. I visualized little illuminated blips floating around on the screen, rather than a linear list on a piece of paper. Then I let it all go; I released the inventory, as if letting go of a balloon with all the to-do items inside. Then I time traveled to the future.

I visualized myself casting out an imaginary fishing line into the future, a specific moment in which the fish hook grabbed hold at precisely 6pm that very evening. I went fully into that moment. I felt myself standing behind the podium before the audience. I was feeling refreshed, fully present, and ready to begin my presentation. I felt the texture of the sleeve of my silk jacket on my arm, the one I'd already decided to wear. I smelled the musty smell of the old church where the meeting would take place. I looked out at the attentive and appreciative audience, waiting with expectation for me begin. I was essentially creating a constructive thought form (which is energy) that required cultivation. That thought form would lead me into the creation of my desired reality.

Finally, I let go of my visualization and came back to the present. I began my day, now mindful of being present in each moment throughout the day.

I moved through what I'd first anticipated as an impossible day, accomplishing everything effortlessly and effectively. (I even got to the cleaners!) I'd carried no lists in my head; my Spirit knew the agenda. It guided me through, completely in the flow.

Just before 6pm, I found myself at the podium in the old church, standing before my audience. The bells began chiming six bells. Suddenly, I felt that 'future' moment kick in, the one to which I'd time traveled at 7am that morning! I suppose that it's a bit like the chicken-and-the-egg, hard to know which came first: Did I create that future moment by going beyond time, or was I simply tapping into that moment that was already existing and floating around out there — beyond time?

In this exercise, I'll show you how to toss out a (metaphorical) fish hook to the future as a way of crunching time. You'll go beyond time (the way your spirit flows best) and get through your day (or week), accomplishing everything without stress.

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