Info Flow: Tricking the Rational Mind

Everything that you experience — sights, sounds, events, insights, dreams — it all goes in and floats around in your consciousness. The soul archives this timeless data, and the spirit runs it through (what I call) Streaming Consciousness. That information is accessible to everyone, from beyond time — and from beyond the physical dimension where loved ones reside.

This first exercise in the IAS Series is a way to trick your left-brain into stepping aside to make way for the flow of intuitive, right-brain information. I've adapted this technique from the "Genius Mind" (Learning Strategies) series. Apprentices and I often get some really fun and surprising results!

The exercise has to do with closing the gap where doubt can sneak in and sabotage your intuitive "hits." There's no opportunity for the doubting mind to intervene when we speed things up and outrun the knee-jerk response of skepticism or censorship. I suppose this explains one advantage that I have, having done consultations professionally for so many years. Over time it's become routine for me to "download" intuited information at fast pace, much too quickly to for any doubt to interfere.

Some who try this exercise might feel the way I do when I sing out loud, a bit self-conscious and unfamiliar with the sound of my own (singing) voice. It might feel odd or childish for you to hear yourself give voice to a flood of nonsensical words. "Childish" is good. It's free, unobstructed, uncensored.

You'll see a difference in your results when you allow the flow of words and images to simply stream through!