D.H. in Chicago

My wife and I saw you a couple of months back at Transitions book store in Chicago. We were both very impressed and deeply moved by your talk. We bought both of your books and read them on vacation over Thanksgiving. Very impressive. We have recently lost some very dear friends because of cancer and you simply made things alot easier to accept. Death simply is not the end.


NT in London

I was so happy to get an e-mail sent from your team with your latest whereabouts. When you came to London about two years ago, I had an consultation with you that proved to reach deeper into the unknown than I had expected, as well as explaining why I am the person I am.

I left you feeling empowered and proud. Many times I have thought how nice it would be to see you again. So please let me know your plans as in coming to London and doing sittings. I'd love to come and learn more about myself in the past, present and future.

Apprentice Program

A.P. in NY

I don't know if some of your other apprentices report this but I actually continue to work with you even between our sessions because of the impact and subtle power of what we are accomplishing together. There were aspects of myself that were puzzling that are now much more clear. The way that I experienced this was almost as if I am now able to shift into and out of various states of viewing scenes in my life from new perspectives that you've helped me to reach in our sessions.

Sometimes it is astonishing how well you can communicate with that part of me that has been 'shut up' or shut in so long ago. This awareness doesn't make me more perceptive, but it allows possibilities to unfold. I am so grateful to you for this because it's been quite a battle for me to remain balanced and strong in the face of so much negativity. You have to be one of the wisest people person's on the planet!

One more thing, Louise. I also appreciate your respect for every human being that gives me back a more level headed, less ego-inflated view of myself, an ongoing challenge for me. It has been big leap forward for me to bring my heart into better alignment with my intentions. You have definitely helped me become clearer on this. Unlike anyone else with whom I have ever worked, your interactions, comments, reframing, and view from the higher self has given me more tools in which to understand, appreciate and love.

I certainly appreciate working with you.


DF in CA

You might not remember me, but we had a consultation in Sacramento in January, 2001. The reason I sought your help at that time was due largely to the fact that I was having a most difficult time dealing with grief—my fiancee who had tragically died in February 2000.

I will never forget our consultation and I will never forget your amazing presence and compassion. Just today, I thought about you, and as such, accessed your website. I read your messages [on the account of the NYC Disaster] that you posted and was moved when your 'higher self' hugged the woman's 'higher self' you were sitting next to at Radio City Hall.

Wherever you are I want you to know that my 'higher self' is sending yours many warm hugs. Thank you for the service you provide others and may your year be filled with wonderful experiences.

Apprentice Program

T.W. in VA

The IAP Intensive training was the best practical training I have received in this work. We were given tasks and exercises that not only focused our abilities, no matter in what format those abilities presented themselves, but also created an incredible sense of unity within the group that allowed us to quickly form a working cohort of talent. We were able to work with each other to strengthen what existed when we arrived and then transcend our expectations for what we could accomplish. Thank you, Louise, for a truly amazing and mind-expanding experience!

I also want to thank you for putting this all together and being so committed to your Service Work Louise!! You're unique "way" and style is enlightening, yet humble; compassionate, yet honest; inspiring, yet grounded. And its so very relieving to see that this style is recognized, appreciated, and taught to others so that it may go forth into the world and proliferate!!

Readings in the Round

L.P. in Sacramento, CA

Last December 2000, I heard you on a talk show. I wrote down the number and immediately called Jan. I was the 10th person for an RIR at the Executive Suites in Sacramento. I was so excited, more than I have been in years. You gave me valuable insights about my daughter, Jaeme (4 at the time), and other fun and amazing information that has given me much to think about. I'm so glad that I attended.


A.C. in London

I heard your lecture at the Mind, Body, Spirit in London. It was a wonderful example of 'inspiration without bunkham.' In the UK there is a tendency for people to be 'away playing with the fairies' rather than empowering people to be able to 'go for the gold.' I compliment you on your grasp of realism and your obvious love of people. For a few short hours, on a beautiful sunny day you provided a space for people to be who they wanted to be. A real breath of fresh air...


NS in FL

Oh my gosh, I am listening to old tapes with Louise doing readings for me
and I am blown awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy............................. I can't
believe the things she is saying and that she knew about! It is so amazing
that I am totally spellbound. Some of the things Louise mentioned I couldn't place nine years ago but do now!


NT in London

When you came to London about two years ago I had a consultation with you that proved to reach deeper into the unknown than I had expected as well as explaining why I am the person I am, I left you feeling empowered and proud.


V. Gerber—Hemet, CA

As matter of fact, from the moment I started reading your book that was given to me, it was as if a personal message from my husband Kurt was coming to me. I think I read most of it through weepy eyes but like I said loved the message i was receiving so much. The idea to try to get a consultation with you began forming only after I finished the book and by the time I finished hearing your recordings on your website, I was completely certain he had a part in the whole thing and knew I had to speak to you.

Frankly, I not so much feel the need to speak to you to communicate with him because your book has truly been so helpful in that regard. I know for certain we share a heart link now and will eternally. Thank you for helping me to realize that.


Helen Yglesias, author of The Girls

Heart-Links is a fine mix of humanist psychology, visionary spirituality, and the charm of the author's winning personality. It glows with comfort for those suffering the inevitable yet devastating loss of loved ones.


Cherie Carter-Scott, author of If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules

Louise has a connection with many realities. She is warm, down-to-earth, humorous, charming and enables us to see our lessons from the larger perspective—where everything makes total sense. Her audiences are engaged, entertained, enlightened and eager to learn from her. She is truly gifted.


RL in Egypt

I just want to say thanks again for my last consultation (1997?) where you saw my lovely child who is indeed an "international" child—she is Italian (like her dad), American (like me), goes to the nursery in Egypt (where we now live) with toddlers from all over. And she is a wonderful child! I am thankful for her every day!

I have also listened to our session tape over the years and now understand more of some things that I didn't understand before. It's a thing of wonder. I also realize that people sometimes call me "Roberta"—a slip of the tongue, or is it?! You mentioned my name from a former French life as Robert—however, that is spelled in French. Now when people call me that, I always think of your story—especially because you recall that I was content and happy at the time!

All the best and by the way, thank you for writing about the WTC. We were here only 3 weeks at the time and felt so disconnected, nervous, and alone, and horrified like the rest of the world. Your accounts allow me to think of the souls and not of the bodies.


SM in CO

I've been studying all this probably for many lifetimes and am very much "awake" in this lifetime. I first saw Spirit (hundreds of Angels) when I was about 7 years old, so this is definitely my "path" and I've worked with and communicated with Spirit, not only from planet Earth, many times during this lifetime. I just happen to like Louise's "style" and "tone" and how she conveys her messages. I rarely go for readings anymore as I am so selective in choosing only those who really interest me, but again, I like Louise's style and definitely felt comfortable with her energy when I heard her voice.

[Later]...Please let Louise know Dad made his tranisition this morning. When she did my reading a few weeks ago on the phone she tuned into Dad but saw him on the Other Side as she spoke with him. She said he would not be hanging around long. He came to me in the dream state this a.m. just before I woke up and hugged me tightly and told me how very much he loved me but that he had to go on "home" now. I sat straight up in bed and there was an amazing warm glow all around me. It was a wonderful goodbye.

Beyond Boundaries

Willis W. Harman, Institute of Noetic Sciences, author of Biology Revisioned, Global Mind Change: The Promise of the 21st Century and The New Business of Business: Sharing Responsibility for a Positive Global Future

Beyond Boundaries is charming and profound, delightful and insightful, fascinating and instructive. If there is any one factor responsible for a major share of the misery and confusion experienced in the modern world, it is our collectively encouraged fear of death. Louise Hauck's book is an aid to helping people transcend that fear once and for all. One can only feel admiration and gratitude for her courage in being willing to share so openly experiences of a sort that many hide away with embarrassment.

Beyond Boundaries

Gary Zukav, author of Dancing Wu Li Masters, The Seat of the Soul and Soul Stories

Beyond Boundaries sketches the context and provides samples of types of data that are central to the emerging spiritual psychology. It also provides valuable perspectives for those who are awakening to the perceptions of the soul.

Beyond Boundaries

Peter Russell, author of A White Hole In Time, The Global Brain, The Brain Book, The Creative Manager and From Science to God

An inspiring read that challenges our assumptions about who we are and the nature of time.