Apprentice Program

A.R. in CA

Thank you very much for ten wonderful IAP sessions. You are a gifted teacher and coach--you have the remarkable ability to bring out inherent (and sometimes deeply buried) intuitive abilities in others. I appreciate the patience, kindness and compassion you brought to every session and your mandate to work for the good of humankind.

As you know, I've been able to use many things from the sessions in my daily life. You helped me overcome fears and hesitations about using my intuitive skills. This has really helped me in my creative endeavors--things are really flowing! Over all of this I had a really good time--lots of fun!

Apprentice Program

I.H. in UK

My dreams started getting more and more vivid shortly after my beloved cat died in 2005. And then one night I actually felt my brother-in-law who passed in 2003 lay his hand on my shoulder. He spoke clearly into my ear. I needed to seek help interpreting these 'real dreams' as I called them. By chance (or so I thought then) Louise's book Fearless Future leapt out of a catalogue and a meeting of souls was initiated.

After a first reading Louise invited me into her IAP program. She sensed that I was quite multi-dimensional. I didn't think myself intuitive enough for this, but figured that she might at least help me help me sort out the dreams and depart some wisdom for my life situation. I would tag along as best I could.

As early as the first three meetings whilst discussing my dreams, Louise coached me into reading her energy field. Very unsure, I nevertheless let out a few words with long pauses in between. She cried out cheerfully, 'Well, yes!' she said. 'I am looking at that image right now!' Several exercises later (and quite a bit of encouragement), Louise thought I was ready to read some other apprentices. She gave me some names, and then in the next week I sat quietly on my own, dictaphone in hand. I waited. Suddenly I was gone and the Universe opened. Strange scenes and symbols appeared and I heard my voice describing them. I e-mailed my 'hits' and waited apprehensively for confirmation – and did they ever tumble in! At first, I couldn't believe it.

It was the most beautiful thing to actually experience in this way, the truth that we are all connected. Well, I knew this from all my metaphysical reading, but even more liberating was the feeling of being able to detach from my little interfering self and just listen to what's out there. The experience was even more profound than when I once quieted my self in year long meditation practice.

If you're ever invited into the program, jump in, fasten your seat belt, let go and be surprised as you ride along on the energy that Louise shares. It's quite a ride.

Thank you for my "event of the decade!"

Intuitive Life Coaching

ES in Paris

Louise, I have carried your message, your teaching and your kindness with me all year. They have helped me enormously. Somehow, something in me has changed. I live with our sessions and continue to make progress on my path.

Many, many thanks for your wonderful heart and the contribution to my well-being.
You are AMAZING. I do retain the memory of your saying extraordinary things about me, things that I have not even expressed to anyone in my whole life. Your gift is EXTRA EXTRA ordinary.

I love you for being the wonderful person that you are.

Intuitive Life Coaching

MS in MA

Louise's gentle but powerful insights have helped enormously in my personal and professional realms. I use the tools she has taught me, to be more effective and more relaxed every day while accomplishing my goals. If you are thinking about coaching with Louise, go for it!


DH in CA

My session with Louise was awesome. I feel very empowered as a result. She and I were in total harmony, every second. It was like floating down a river with a best friend.

Thanks again [Kathy] for your help in setting it up.

Apprentice Program

V.W. in Australia

I first met Louise in 1998 when we were fortunate to have her present in our wounderful country of Australia.

In retrospect I guess that I was destined to be a recipient of her wisdom from the spirit world. She taught me how the past and becomes our future—but most importantly, how to embrace the present.

Through IAP Louise has helped me discover my own gifts and to get in touch with my authentic self in very useful ways. She has been the catalyst for igniting my conscious spiritual self. She is an uplifting, pure energy—a breath of fresh air that other earthly beings should be lucky enough to breath.

I am grateful for the wounderful gifts that Louise happily shares, and for the friendship from my circle of apprentices.


Dear Louise,

On behalf of the Inside Edge and its board members, I wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to you for your presentation on August 31, 2005. If any of us had fears of the afterlife, you certainly alleviated them.

Your presence lights up the room, and you left us illuminate. We were caressed by your charm, your warmth, your humor, and the sincerity of your message. (Please continue to take your Ginko. It stands you in good stead!)

Thank you for fitting us in on your way to Seattle. May the next six month of your tour be a phenomenal success for you!

Love and Blessings,
Adrian S. Windsor, Ph.D.
Program Director
Inside Edge

Apprentice Program

P.S. in MA

I totally enjoyed my "tour." It was a new and different experience for me, after meeting you during your wonderful reading after the death of my parents. I do have more confidence now in developing my intuitive skills, while moving forward with a business plan. You were very supportive on all counts!

Readings in the Round

A.R. in Los Angeles, CA

I was at the Bodhi Tree on Saturday last, sitting in the front row.

When you signed my book, I reminded you that we had met just before 9/11 here in Los Angeles when you had a "Reading in the Round" near LAX. At that time, even as I was walking through the door, I was asking myself what the heck was I doing going there, spending money I didn't have! But you know, it was the best few dollars I ever spent! I had lost no family or friends, didn't know any dead people (or so I thought), and yet you gave me such a good message, totally unexpected, that really has sustained me since then, especially in these seemingly crazy times.

I'm really enjoying your book. I think you are awfully good at what you do. It is good work and I can see how it is helpful to people. You're right - probably every one in that room was hoping you'd pick them! ... but the young woman you selected was so happy with what you told her.


A.W. in Irvine, CA

On behalf of the Inside Edge and its board members, I wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to you for your presentation. If any of us had fears of the afterlife, you certainly alleviated them.Your presence lights up the room, and you left us illuminated. We were caressed by your charm, your warmth, your humor, and the sincerity of your message. Please continue to take your Ginko. It stands you in good stead.


BT in Fullerton, CA

I was in to see you at Orange County. You are a most delightful soul. I do treasure the encounter with you. I know your life is full of joy and love—I can feel it from you! I just wanted to say thank yo for letting me look into your life.

Fearless Future

Larry Dossey, MD, author of Recovering the Soul, Space, Time and Medicine, and The Healing Power of Ordinary Things

Fearless Future is a roadmap of the challenges that lie ahead in these difficult times. Louise Hauck is a wise guide, whose insights will help anyone open to the potential for joy and fulfillment that lies within everyone.

Fearless Future

Gladys McGarey, MD, Medical consultant for Future Generations—Afghanistan, INTA Humanitarian Award Recipient, and author of The Physician Within You and Born To Live

In a world consumed with fear and hate, this book comes as a beacon of light. It gives us a glimpse into a future of hope and love. As we learn to access and then live with our Divine selves, there really is a promise of an abundant life for us.


KE in CA

Thank you for my reading back in March. I came to see you in Sacramento with my mother, for whom you also did a reading. Ever since I met with you, my outlook on life has been different. I can't really explain it entirely, but, I see things in a more spiritual way. You have helped me to deepen my sense of spirituality and better understand my relationship with God.

Some of the things that you had mentioned in my reading have already happened, and the rest I am looking forward to...I have come to truly understand the importance of living each day to it's fullest. I don't want to waste time worrying about something that will come in due time—such a future relationship—if it is meant to be. I have had to deal with several deaths in my family within the last few years, two of which happened last month within two weeks of each other. I finally see how short life really can be.

My thanks again for all of your help. Your words have been incorporated into my life, and I am truly thankful to have had the pleasure of meeting with you for a reading. I look forward to speaking with you again!

Apprentice Program

L.S. in CT

I was so thrilled with our session today! I got off the phone and screamed my gratitudes to all my heavenly helpers who delivered JUST what I asked for! So thank you for a grand kick off - you're just what Dr. High Self ordered.

Apprentice Program

M.B. in CT

Thanks, in part, to your influence in my life I often find myself involved with dynamic and extraordinary people. The intensive was certainly no exception. It feels almost as if I am constantly rubbing elbows with the cream of the crop, so the high quality of the participants was no surprise.

I originally had no intention of participating in the Intensive since I had no desire to become an apprentice. But there were many synchronicities that led me to participate and my experiences at this seminar actually have me reevaluating this position. There may be some way yet of integrating this into my life.

Regardless of my professional intentions this experience served to heighten my spiritual awareness, raise my antenna higher, further access my higher consciousness, and connect with some people who share my spirituality. That last one alone—just being able to interface on the same spiritual wavelength, the way churchgoers would—was a profound experience.

Apprentice Program

J.C. in NY

I would like to thank you for being the "enlightened" catalyst which guided and supported the development of our group. Through your heart felt commitment, you invited a group of multi-sensory strangers into your home and life. You generously shared your insight and wisdom with us, then patiently guided us towards the creation of a common vision - Namaste!

What I found most meaningful about this first "Pre-Pro Intensive" was observing a group of like minded strangers develop into a sensitive and respectful team of light workers. Through sharing our personal stories of life changing events we instinctively nurtured and encouraged each member of the group to share her or his unique gifts and talents.....and the universe was pleased as s/he gifted us all with double rainbows at dinner on our final night together. A memory I will always cherish!

Apprentice Program

M.S. in CT

Louise put together a great group which made for a very magical experience. I am so glad that I was included and look forward to getting together again with she same enthrusiastic group! We will definitely hep each other spread Light!

Apprentice Program

T.W. in Seattle

When I think of my experience at Louise's I have an overwhelming feeling of unconditional love. It was so refreshing to be surrounded by others who are in the light and want to bring others to the light in their own individual ways. I discovered so much about myself through the rest of the group, and will be forever grateful for the support I received, knowing that this feeling will never end, but will always surround me. I look forward to continuing this work with the group and to use my tools to help others.


MN in CT

I've had four wonderful sessions with you in Connecticut. I continue to be amazed at the number of things that you predicted actually happening. So often I reflect and think, "This is what Louise was talking about. It is truly phenomenal." I replay the taped consultations periodically and am always able to re-connect or identify with a new happening. You were right when you said the tapes were like a Hallmark card—the gift that keeps on giving.


LM in CT

You read me while in Old Saybrook about a week ago. You left me with much wonder about where I have been, but more important, where I am NOW. I felt your warmth the minute I entered, and I also sensed your sincerity. That day left me with many, many questions about myself and my past. The future is just that: the future. Anyway, thank you so much for your reading.

Readings in the Round

C.D. in Olympia, WA

I had the wonderful privilege of attending an RIR session with Louise in the spring of 2003 in Olympia, Washington.

At this meeting, two aunts let themselves be known to me which totally put me into shock. I was a skeptic! Open minded, but skeptical just the same.

Louise also saw, "A LOT of orange and LOT of water." At the time, I just could not imagine what that was all about. Some three months later my husband and I bought a condo at the ocean—with orange carpeting throughout the two-bedroom unit. The idea of having a home of my own meant a lot to me and at the time, but I had no idea that would actually come about.

I am SO interested in knowing where/when Louise may be in this area again. I would certainly love to do this again!


K.F. in Seattle

I want to thank you for your wonderful presentation at Seattle's Discover U class, this evening. You are phenomenal! I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to see you in such a small, informal and personal setting. It's amazing, really, when one thinks that others pay huge sums of money, go very long distances and sit in audiences with hundreds of other people in order to attend the seminars and lectures of other spiritual teachers. May your future travels bring you back to Seattle. I will check your website for your future scheduled events. I'm off to bed now, but I'll probably not sleep 'til I've read both of your books! Bless you.


M.B. in Seattle

Thank you so much for coming to the Women's Convention. It was truly a joy to meet you. You have tremendous insite. But what I thought was most beautiful was the contentment on your face. It shows. You are a lovely woman. I hope to meet you again soon to listen and to learn.


S.C. in Seattle

Witnessing your powerful and humerous presentation, I feel that your gifts surpass Edward, Van Praaugh, Rosemary Altea, George Anderson and so many others who share God's gifts. Your words of the past, present and future fly toward the audience with confidence and truth. You are not ego driven. I believe in you. You have quelled my cynicism, so that I can help others.