Readings in the Round

C.P. in CA

Dear Louise, I wanted to thank you for the inspiring, uplifting and illuminating "readings in the round" that you did in Mill Valley. I have been so moved since that reading, able to experience the timeless and boundless places of love and light beyond this world, and have been even playing excitedly with imagining my own heaven! Thanks again for your incredible beacon and happy travels.


DE in CA

I wanted to again say thank you for your ILLUMINATIONS (so true!) on some important places in my life where I either need to move on, reframe, etc. The reading was quite powerful for me in that I feel more open to healing, especially around my father.

I've been a student of dream work for some time and last night I dreamt that all of my parents' old friends, all passed, were sitting around a table when I answered a phone call from dad, and proceeded to pass around one of those old cord-attached phones for everyone to talk to each other.

That about says it all, dear one.

Apprentice Program

ST in CO

Thank you so very much for everything Louise! I have had a wonderful time so far and look forward to continuing, and I will keep you informed as to when that may be. I feel that I am back "online" spiritually, and actively bringing balance to the streaming timelessness of consciousness.

Additionally I wanted to share that I have been adapting a few of the exercises we went over, for example: ..I stepped into the "no-time-zone" as you have called it, and met with all the people who have caused me embarrassment or shame or ridicule, past, present, and future. I selected a grassy field in the no time zone and we "buried the hatchet". I find that its a place I have had to familiarize myself with and return to when old ideals pop up. Not to rebury the hatchet, just to recall that I let go and to put my ego back in check.

You are an inspiration, a wonderful mentor!!
I look forward to talking with you more, and/or working with you in anyway in the future.

Love and Peace—


J.K. in Sacramento

"You were on the Grass Valley Radio station yesterday at lunch time yesterday and I was very impressed with your answer to the person "who was in a dark place". Your answer and discussion during that hour actually gave me a Light and feeling that I have not had in over five years and I was able to accomplish something that I have been unable to do for years. Anyone who could do that and not even be talking about me deserves my attention."

Fearless Future

B.R. in WA

When I was 20 years younger I hated to fly, so I always had few gins before I got on the plane, but a guy can only drink so much. I don't drink hard liquor anymore. I was in that realm today on a short flight, when I picked up your book and commanded myself to read. I read the part about "the fishhook technique."

So I did it. I pictured the rest of the flight. I saw the landing, the stop at the men's room, the baggage claim, my sister in law picking me up. What I did not expect was that instead of being trapped in my tight little mindspace of what airplanes were, I was just THERE. On the airplane, feeling the vibration of the plane bumping off of each thrust of the jetstream, no fear, just there. I could see things clearly and without my ego and fear being involved. The rest of the flight was calm, and I read. The departure and pickup went as visualized, and I'm to go to bed visualizing a day with friends, hitting balls, maybe even playing a round. Life is good. I think I will give it one more day.

Readings in the Round

P.K. in Miami

Hi Louise: I just wanted to connect with you and tell you "Thank you" for sharing your SELF on this planet.

I was at the RIR group you conducted in Miami. I was the person who shared about my little granddaughter who was born a preemie just 8 weeks early. She is now 7 months old and doing just great. I was so worried about her at that time related to her tracking and following. You were so wonderful in your response to me. My energy relaxed and everything changed. I was so grateful to be in a place to share my deepest concerns.

My husband and I are having so much fun with her. We take care of her 2 and 1/2 days a week so that my daughter could go back to work. She has a wonderful nanny for the rest of the week. Every day is so special with her and also ourselves.

Be well and let me know when you will be in Miami again.....

Apprentice Program

ST in CO

Louise, thank you so much for your time. I am finding more and more that I get to know you the deeper the confirmations become! You are a very remarkable being in all dimensions, and connecting with you is such an honor and joy. I just love your work, and that you seem to both rt and lft-brained. That is very important to me as its been hard to connect with other teachers in the past, one being either too left brain perspective and the other being too right brain. You have a perfect balance of both. How to manage the both brain perspective is something that I am already learning from you.

Intuitive Life Coaching

P.S. in Wyoming

Working with Louise is more enlightening than a visit to a "shrink" and far more relaxing. She shows me how to see the world as a less threatening, more tolerant and loving place. And I remember how to laugh. It begins with a deep breath calling in an omnipotent power and then Louise guides me to see and step into a timeless, stressless approach.

I recommend visits with Louise for anyone who wants to steal away into a moment of oneness with the the universe.

Intuitive Life Coaching

E.S in Paris

I have re-listened to all our conversations 2007 and 2009. The more I learn on my path, the more aware I become of your talent, and am so grateful to be "in touch" with you!


J.K. in CA

Your reading certainly shook up some rocks in my head. I was able to download the reading and have listened to it twice... with greater clarity with each listening, meditating/contemplating, and sharing with others who were very curious about the reading! You are an amazing woman!

Readings in the Round

N.T. in Grass Valley, CA

I wanted to tell you that after I left the reading-in-the-round I learned that many of the things you said to me were very, very true and I didn't realize what they were until I left. Thank you, especially on behalf of my friend who's sister passed last July. You told me things about her that I didn't know until I called my friend. I don't know if you can remember what you said but several specific points were correct (she DID sing, she DID have a brooch, she had MUMS on her grave) and it brought a lot of peace to my friend.

Thank you for the feeling of validation and hope your reading gave to me.


D.N. in CA

WOW! You were absolutely on fire last night at the Auburn Healing Arts and Artisans! Many people commented to me about how entertained by and impressed with you they were. Please include me in that club. Most importantly, I think, you are a teacher. I learn new ways of seeing and being each time I hear you speak.


P.W. in ID

Louise, almost a week later and I am still experiencing a wonderful sweetness... as if the reading itself opened a bubble of calm and assuredness around me. Confirmation is truly a wonderful experience. Thank you again, my Dear, for being so perfectly you.


Apprentice Program

C.T. in CA

Still think about u and the wonders you opened to me during my apprenticeship with u. My Rainbow Spirit Circle Sistahs are marveling at what they "see" thru their third eye when I do remote viewing with them. Many mahalos for the gifts u opened me to!

Beyond Boundaries

E.H. in MT

This evening, I'm having a lovely time rereading "Beyond Boundaries." There are books that come through to be read, then go on their way. This is one that will always stay with me, to be dipped into time and again!


C.M. in CA

I wanted to tell you that the reading and the advice you gave me has really changed how I react and interact with people. You advised me to quit projecting myself and I took that advice to heart. Believe me, I have been and spent money on countless counselors and psychologists over the years but what you said hit home and really made a difference in my life. I tend to have very strong emotions based on very hurtful, traumatic life experiences. Stepping back and stopping myself has had positive results. Thank you


P.S. in Chicago

I've had numerous moments over the past 6 to 7 years where I have intended to drop you a letter and express a sincere thanks to you the years of spiritual guidance you have provided me. You have truly been a life-long influence.

So much of what I have been learning lately could only be comprehended based upon the foundation of insights I had gained from you. It's simply amazing what is going on in our world these days and had I not initially endeavored upon my spiritual journey with your guidance, I'm sure much would have passed me by. It's taken years of contemplation for me to begin to grasp, much less practice what you have shared.

It seems like such a long time ago driving down to Newport Beach from Colton for a reading back in '87.


P.B. in India

Thanks so much! I'm overwhelmed! still unable to overcome the effect of the confirmation i received from you. I don't know what to say...


P.B. in India

I read your book - Heartlinks. Each chapter touched me deeply and i had something personal to learn from each of them. I am located outside the US. I wish to have a phone consultation to connect with someone who has crossed over - Thanks!


M.S. in NYC

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I can feel my heart soaring and know that I should probably walk home from work this evening in order to temper the 'high'. I am so thankful that I reached out to you and I am grateful for your guidance and wisdom. I feel energized, yet peaceful. So much has fallen into place. I have prayed for a teacher and more importantly I have prayed that I am ready for that teacher. I am honored that you would consider me to be an apprentice and I would like to become one.


PB in CA

Louise, I didn't want to do too much babbling in gratitude this morning, but I do hope you know that your work, your service has affected my life profoundly in the most wonderful ways. Wonder is really the operative word here. Because many times I see how one of your little off-handed remarks plays out from a tiny speck of an idea to something with such delightfully positive energy and momentum that it really is a wonder to behold.


ES in Paris

I had a wonderful session last night and now feel free of hesitations. How kind and warm and welcoming you are. And WHAT an amazing skill you have. I think you are amazing and you must touch hundreds of people on this earth (welll, no doubt thousands). Everyone you touch must feel the warmth and kindness which exudes from you and the "message" from Source that in fact. ALL IS WELL. THANK YOU.



DS in CA

I just finished listening to the recording of a session you did for me a while ago. I appreciate your time and your insights in this reading. You are correct. One must go with the "feeling" to obtain the gifts the universe offers to us—and "stay out of the basement!" I do feel very blessed in many ways.

Once again, Thank you, Louise Your insights have inspired me to "live."


EH in CA

I enjoyed meeting you in Point Richmond. You gave me a great reading, maybe the best of my life. I shared it with my husband and sister and they were happy that you could bring so much information to me.

Please let me know about your other offerings!

Apprentice Program

V.G. in CA

I wanted to make sure you know how much I have appreciated our time together as we head into our last official apprenticeship session. As we began in August, I was a grieving widow still trying to make sense of it all and desperately needing to learn how to heal. I wanted to experience positive grieving which intuitively I knew was possible but didn't know fully how to go about it.

What I encountered instead was far too many examples of unhealthy grieving that goes on and on and drains rather than empowers as a result of the experience. Now in retrospect I more that ever realize what an amazing gift was given to me in knowing and working with you.

Not only did I learn to grieve in a positive manner but I know beyond a doubt that I am fully connected with Kurt and always will be, what a beautiful knowing this is for me. It has made a world of difference! God doubly blessed me because in the process of finding a way to heal from my loss I received a bonus which I hadn't anticipated. Through your apprenticeship program a whole new world of deeper knowing has opened up for me.

I am sensing the world around me in a whole new exciting way. The most wonderful part is knowing that I'm just beginning on this journey of deeper knowing. I consider you one of the most significant and influential mentors I've ever had. I feel so incredibly blessed and needed to convey that to you during this wonderful Christmas season.

May you have a very warm and beautiful Christmas.