Louise also gave these monthly presentations + tuning-in in 2004 at the Clinton Town Hall in CT.

Louise guided participants on a little excursion out of their physical bodies and back to their homes in their Light bodies to check in and see how many messages were waiting on their answering machines.

Louise teaching her own version of metaphysical "Sunday School" when she moved to CT at the end of 2003.

You can see the green reflection from the roof on the Empire State Building, shining green for St. Patrick's Day in 2003.

Louise took this shots from the Empire State building on St. Patrick's Day in 2003, the day we went to war.

It was a crystal clear night with this view from the Empire State Building.

Louise presenting at the Seattle NW Women's Show

Louise tuning in to the audience at one of her favorite long-time venues—the Sacramento Learning Exchange

Copenhagen, Denmark - The Little Mermaid had been stolen!

Tallinn, Estonia