Louise did some fun tuning-in for the audience in Seattle.

Louise enjoyed discussing 'Streaming Consciousness' with a delightful KLEW TV reporter before conducting a presentation/workshop in Lewiston, ID.

Louise is always warmly received in Columbus, OH, particularly at the "Readings in the Round" she has conducted there over the years.

This was the view from where Louise conducted a "RIR" in Chicago.

Louise enjoyed presenting at this new venue in Chicago. Check out the video "Straight From the Horse's HS" at Media to watch her relay a message from a participant's horse!

This is one of Louise's favorite venues in Irvine, CA. They're a very savvy, spiritually awakened group — who are also very early risers (yawn).

It's always nice to return to this lovely home in Long Beach, CA for a fun afternoon of "Readings in the Round."

This is becoming another welcoming venue for Louise. This evening the (higher selves of) participants' pets were particularly vocal in transmitting messages to their owners in the audience! (Louise shown here with director, Deborah Nickel).

A long-time client pulled this "Reading in the Round" group together after having done so nearly ten years before. Loved ones hadn't minded the wait (no time!) and came through, right on schedule!

Louise spoke to this group about how to write from a more authentic place in oneself.

This was a new bookstore venue for Louise. The audience was filled with some very multi-sensory folks!

Louise spent Easter/Passover up in Tsfat this year, before heading down with her daughter's family to their home in Jerusalem.