Here are Louise's responses to some provocative questions asked by clients.

Another Opportunity to Return?

Your teachings are a great comfort at a time like this. There's something I've always wondered about. I know that a life as short as my granddaughter's may have served its purpose. But what if a soul intended to have a life with a certain couple, but something went wrong. Is it possible that the same soul may come back to the same couple if they get pregnant again? Have you ever heard of such a thing?

-Bev in CA-

Sister He Never Knew

Imagine what happened to me for instance some years ago. During walking home from my job I suddenly had a feeling to see white light (like a 100Watt bulb in my mind). I had this conversation: I heard, "Hi, my brother." I asked, "Who are you?" "I am your sister." I asked, "Which one" I have two twins." It told me, "No,I am the third one. I said, "Sorry, I have no other sister." It told me, "Oh yes, you have! "I am the sister which died during abortion of your mother." I said, "Nonsense!" It told me to ask my family.