Q & A

Here are Louise's responses to some provocative questions asked by clients:

Do You See the Angels?

Q:   Hi, Louise. I want to tell you about an experience that (husband) Greg and I had this afternoon. I've mentioned to you, that I was caring for a stone from the World Trade tragedy, and about the episode involving the fire engines.

Another Opportunity to Return?

Q:   Your teachings are a great comfort at a time like this. There's something I've always wondered about. I know that a life as short as my granddaughter's may have served its purpose. But what if a soul intended to have a life with a certain couple, but something went wrong. Is it possible that the same soul may come back to the same couple if they get pregnant again?

Sister He Never Knew

Q:   Imagine what happened to me for instance some years ago. During walking home from my job I suddenly had a feeling to see white light (like a 100Watt bulb in my mind). I had this conversation: I heard, "Hi, my brother." I asked, "Who are you?"

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