Here are Louise's responses to some provocative questions asked by clients.

Missing My Pet

My dog was my heart. Since he left almost two years ago, I haven't had much hope for anything. I miss him terribly.

-CB in TN-

Grieving and Gathering (borrowed from the "Forum" discussion board)

Recently, a baby died while locked inside his father's car. People are bringing flowers to the parking space where it happened, right outside my window at work. Others have come to stand at the edge of the space in front of the flowers. Is the placing of flowers at this particular place and coming to where the baby died of any use to his soul? Is coming to the site be of any use to his parents who are grieving?

-AF in CA-

Depressed and Misled by a Psychic

I work with a woman whose son, 16 years old, has developed liver failure. She is, of course, distraught. We talked today and I told her about you after she told me about a "psychic" she went to and spent $100 to be told that she didn't see her son in the future and at a 2nd session with the psychic, she was told the psychic had met with some friends to do a meditation together and that the 16 year old, in the 15th century, had killed a man and they discovered that a man was attached to his liver and was trying to kill him but that the psychic had sent this man to the Light.

How Can I Know That I'm Really OK?

I'm going through a very challenging time right now. My grown children are fighting among themselves, and my husband—from whom I'm separated but not divorced—may be having a nervous breakdown because all of our investments are bottoming out.

Getting Over Grief

I'd like to ask you about a man who recently lost his wife. He is a big business guy and he and I had a talk. He is wrestling with emotions, etc. Thinks he should be further along (because everybody in his business world is saying, 'get over it') and I said, it's less than 60 days, getting over it does not mean stuffing it down and dealing with it later.

Is Spirit Here or There?

I have been wondering about spirit. Can spirit only communicate, such as you do when you are able to see a relative come into a session, while in the spirit world? What if that spirit reincarnates and is again in human form? Are we still able to communicate with that spirit? Am I to assume that when you are able to communicate with a spirit relative, that that spirit is still in the spirit world?

-Bobbie in FL-

Connecting Through the Dream World

Louise, recently I decided that I wanted to help an eleven-year-old boy whom I read about in the paper. He had been mauled by three pit bull dogs and as a result, his life has been turned upside down. I wrote to him and his aunt, with whom he is now living. This has been too much for the boy's mother to handle. He doesn't go to school and mostly cries in the bathroom.

What Is Heaven?

I am playing my 2002 tape for the 50th time, and there is one issue still puzzling me.

It was mentioned on the tape that my family and my sister's partner are getting a "place" ready for her. She is still in the nursing home feeling quite fatigued. If heaven isn't a place, but rather, a state of consciousness, where will this place be? What is heaven? Will there ever a place where we can just "be"?

Thank you, Louise!

-Sue in Seattle-

Do You See the Angels?

Hi, Louise. I want to tell you about an experience that (husband) Greg and I had this afternoon. I've mentioned to you, that I was caring for a stone from the World Trade tragedy, and about the episode involving the fire engines.