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Here are Louise's responses to some provocative questions asked by clients:

Apprentices Ask

I learn so much from working with my apprentices! They ask marvelous questions that get me thinkng about my own intuiting process — how I actually DO what I do — and how my own techniques have evolved over the years. Their questions and personal stories also give me the impetus to develop new and innovative ways to help them customize their own, unique ways of accessing, processing, interpreting, and delivering the highly intuitive, multidimensional, multilayered, and timeless information they receive

Therefore, I'm adding this new feature in the 'About' Section — 'APPRENTICES ASK'

Desperate to Change the Past

Q: I am an Italian girl...and I apologize if my English will not be perfect...I would ask if it is possible through astral travel you can go into the past and into my body the past, and stay there, in that timeline for change my past and avoid certain things that I have serious sucesse [issues with?] on the physical plane, I'm desperate...I ask just to return to my body past...

A: I ofter hear from those who express overwhelming regrets about their past, wishing they could go back and erase certain devastating moments or events. Some are hoping for some sort of time machine that will take them back to a very different past. The time machine exists in our own, timeless consciousness. The past only exists in the way we hold our perceptions of it in our consciousness.

I don't mean to minimize the grief or regret you feel about your past, but you must trust that the 'you' existing today equals the sum total of all your experiences — the good, as well as the painful and negative.

"What are your thoughts on 'sideways in time' and 'parallel timelines?'"

Q: Louise, I have been interested in the concepts of simultaneous time, the psyche and multidimensional reality since the 70's. I do feel that the next big leap in mankind's awareness will be the understanding of the same. Beliefs, thoughts and emotions do greatly influence the realities we experience.

Anyway, I do have a couple of questions: What are your thoughts on sideways in time and parallel timelines? — RJ

"Feeling Like There's Something Big on the Horizon..."

Q: I am feeling like something big is on the horizon for all of us. Are you getting any hits lately? I am doing everything I can to stay centered and calm. It seems like things are coming in very clear for me these days. — KJ in CA

A: Thanks for your question, KJ! I applaud your efforts to stay centered and calm. I believe that it’s more crucial than ever to do so, given this particular time in the evolution of our eternal souls.

Precognitive Dreams

Q: Do precognitive dreams always come to pass?

A: Interesting question. By definition, precognition —"direct knowledge or perception of the future, obtained through extrasensory means" — would imply that information from the future would inevitably unfold, or does this simply represent knowledge of a possible future occurrence, rather that the prediction of a certain one?

Retreating to the Monastary

Q: Louise, I recently looked into entering a monastery in Nova Scotia, but it's too cold up there, I couldn't take my dog, and I have to be a year younger than my age to be a resident. I do believe it's time to 'put on the robes' and search for where I should place myself to break this block I feel at my current location.

Living With Regrets

Q: Can you actually change the past so that an event never happened?

A: It's truly a matter of perception. I can go there by merging with a your timeless consciousness and travel beyond time to adjust things, ie, shift perceptions. Perception does create—and change—reality. This process sets in motion a wave of change that flows into the present and future. This also helps to neutralize the negative residue that you carry when you live with regret.

Trying Not To Get Derailed From My Path!

Q: There is an employee who was transferred to me in April. I've known her in a casual, friendly way for 21 years. She recently filed harassment charges and other work-related charges against me. I knew she was unhappy and could "feel" the vibration for some time. I know that it's a good spiritual development opportunity for me...my inner guidance tells me to just be the channel through which Light flows and to not get stuck on that which would derail me from my path. I'm also wrestling with another situation:

Don't want to do anything stupid...

Q: I have a weird question. I hope its not rude of me to ask, but u r the only one I thought might have an answer!

I met someone new (through some friends), and my friends seem to think their is a connection. I agree that he might be good for me but I really don't know and I don't want to do anything stupid and ruin my chances, so I want to know if you can maybe tell if their is any connection between our souls, or maybe there is something he can tell you that I should do!

"Are we meant to be together?"

Q: While doing consultations at my home in Jerusalem, you told my mother that you saw a guide—a Rebbe—that "follows and guides" me. Are there any details you can share with me about that spirit? is it a soul of a guy? girl? alive? name? I'll be happy to hear from you any info or details, And so is my girlfriend - pressuring me to ask if she and I have a deep soul connection...

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