March 31st, 2023

I remember reading somewhere in Eckhart Tolle’s, 'A New Earth' (and I'm paraphrasing)) that "when we define ourselves by our beliefs, the psyche feels it's being annihilated when it encounters an opposing belief!" Isn't that how folks are REACTing these days, in such desperate, divisive, and mean-spirited ways?

Mindful of this, I remember a life-changing maneuver I employed years ago while getting ready to attend a dinner party. I was well-acquainted with the host and knew him to be exceedingly vocal about is religious and political beliefs.

March 26th, 2023

CT in NM

Just wanting to thank you for using your skills/talents/insights and awareness to help me, as well as all those who are fortunate enough to benefit from your offering of your service.

It is truly magical to feel the largesse of that which we are in the midst of, to which you provide access. 

Expanding one's awareness to realize the closeness of those who have passed from our tiny bit of awareness is soothing and truly magical in many ways.

February 19th, 2023
(Summarized from unpublished Personal Stories)
January 28th, 2023

Read in the latest eNewsletter how Louise has managed to get through some tough times, and how those tools can help you!  

January 28th, 2023
I greatly anticipated the holiday season, looking forward to traveling to Israel to visit (and hug) my daughter and nine grandchildren (oh yes!) — all of whom I hadn't seen in over seven years —  and the five great ’grans I’d yet to meet.
January 20th, 2023
Arielle and Lavendar do a great job ~ Lavendar always asks relevant and provocative questions. A favorite venue.
November 20th, 2022

As we move beyond the challenging, isolating  time of Covid, many are asking, "Who am I now?" You'll find some illuminating insights to help you sort this out in this Holiday Newsletter.

November 20th, 2022

Now and then I share how I used to wake my two children in the morning before school, going into their rooms and heading over to each of their windows to peer through the blinds — then exclaiming, “OMG!” (though the expression was unknown at the time) — "Whaaat??? they’d ask, excited...

“We’ve been given another day on Planet Earth!”

"MA-UM!" they’d reply, duped again...nothing new and exciting awaited them under the morning sun...(except — A NEW DAY! YAY!)

June 5th, 2022

TA DA! Announcing Louise’s Illuminisms!

il·​lu·​mi·​nism | \ i-ˈlü-mə-ni-zəm:
A belief in or claim to a personal enlightenment not accessible to humankind in general.

I’m excited to announce the launch of Illuminisims — enlightening insights gathered from consultations and fun stories from my own life.

April 8th, 2022

Louise has made some interesting observations about changes occurring in our relationship to time and loss in this eNewsletter.

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